Tattoo Confessions

Tattoo Confessions
A tattoo is a permanent mark that people make in order to signify where they come from, where they want to go or what matters the most in their life. While it is easy to get an airbrushed temporary tattoo one day and wash it off the other, getting permanently inked is a serious thought. You can find a service for tattoo removal, but it is better to avoid any of the following top tattoo mistakes:

2012 tooth jewelry

5 beauty treatments you should definitely have in 2012
Regardless if you are a man or a woman, at Glenoaks Laser Center you will find all the necessary beauty services to feel secure, comfortable and sexy with your own body. We would like to show you the 5 beauty treatments you should definitive have in 2012 to look and feel radiant.

laser hair removal glendale

Laser Hair Removal as a Treatment for Ingrown Hair
When a person shaves or waxes their hair, the broken off or short embedded hair that remains can get trapped inside the hair follicle and grow sideways or can grow back into the skin. This ingrown hair may or may not be accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle or razor bumps and can be painful.

acne scar treatment Glendale

Say Good-bye to Acne Scars… You too can Have Clear, Beautiful Skin!
Managing acne is a painful and embarrassing process, which, depending on its severity, may have consequences that can affect your self-esteem. Certain people suffer from highly severe acne that when cured, leaves the skin with noticeable scars.

laser tattoo removal glendale

Say Good-bye to that Old Tattoo with Laser Tattoo Removal!
Studies show that 50% of those who get tattoos later regret it and seek a tattoo removal treatment. Glenoaks Laser Center, our professional med spa in Glendale, offers the best techniques for tattoo removal without scarring or pain using MedLite laser system!

Vitamin B-12 Injections!

Vitamin B-12: Are you getting enough of it?
Vitamin B12, commonly known as “the Energy vitamin” has the essential nutrients our bodies need in order to work properly and it’s considered the most important of all B-complex vitamins. Due to the great benefits this vitamin, more and more people are now obtaining it on its most efficient form: injections.

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How To Care For Your Skin
The skin is one of the largest organs in the body. It is very important that we take care of our skin in order to exude a young healthy appearance. There are several simple steps that you can take to care for your skin. Follow these steps and you too can have beautiful skin that will be the envy of everyone.

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