Our med spa in Glendale would like to share a series of articles containing important information and news that are beneficial for your health and beauty. We will be sharing articles regarding beauty treatments, laser use in skin treatments, such as hair removal, tattoo removal and more!

A tattoo is a permanent mark that people make in order to signify where they come from, where they want to go or what matters the most in their life. While it is easy to get an airbrushed temporary tattoo one day and wash it off the other, getting permanently inked is a serious thought. You can find a service for tattoo removal, but it is better to avoid any of the following top tattoo mistakes:

  • Spelling Mistake– There can be nothing worse than a spelling mistake when you want to ink the name of a person or an organization on your body. These tattoos look awful and often make you the subject of ridicule. Such tattoos, if made, should be removed as soon as possible. As the word is so endearing, Laser tattoo removal can sometimes be a difficult decision, only sometimes.
  • Going With the Flow– Most newbie tattoo enthusiasts wish to ink the name of their lovers/significant other on their body. There are some people who would simply choose a tattoo design because it is “in”. However, in both the cases, you get nothing substantial once the wave of excitement is gone. The result is a tattoo you will regret having.
  • The Wrong Body Part– you cannot get a small star made on your back that barely covers a square inch. Such a tattoo would look great on the nape of your neck or your wrist. But making it on the back is a bad decision. If you have small arms and want a very detailed design there, then you should probably think about getting the same design on your back. If you forego this step, your tattoo will end up having a rather ugly appearance.
  • Symbolic Representations– Symbols are great when they exist in the wallpaper of your desktop. You can change them any time you like. However, getting a symbol, especially a foreign language symbol, or a fictional character like the Incredible Hulk inked on your body may not be a very good idea. Would you still love the Hulk after 10 years? Are you really sure what a Chinese symbol inked on your arm means? If not, drop the idea.
  • Wrong Tattoo Artist– If you feel that you’ve chosen the wrong person for the job, there’s really not much we can say in regards to that, only that if you make the decision to trust someone who lacks the necessary talent and expertise, then you’ll probably end up regretting it a thousandfold.

While tattoos are permanent in nature, you can always erase them through a Laser tattoo removal procedure.

There are many Laser tattoo removal services around who will eliminate all signs of a tattoo on your body. Here at Glenoaks Laser Center we pay strict attention to details; sometimes a patient may need more of a certain procedure than others, perhaps he/she may require additional exposure to another Laser tattoo removal equipment or a pre-diagnose session to evaluate his specific needs in the case of having a very big tattoo, a delicate skin condition or he/she simply wants to set up a planned budget according to the specific tattoo removal cost and our updated prices. In either case, we always try to go straight to the point and reach our client’s full satisfaction, which happens to be our motto. Also, now that we’ve mentioned it, you’ll be surprised with the current rates we handle and how a tattoo removal cost is quite low when you come to think about what the original price was and what you were really missing out of life because of having made such a wrong decision.

Remember, we see what you don’t see, hidden sides of your tattoo you wouldn’t even imagined from a professional standpoint.