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There is good news for those who have an unwanted tattoo. At Gleanoks Laser Center we offer new laser techniques to remove tattoos with minimal pain and side effects.

The MedLite Laser – the best choice for tattoo removal.

Decorative tattoos have a history dating back at least 5000 years. The desire to remove them has probably existed for just as long. Early attempts to remove tattoos have had less than desirable results. The use of dermabrasion, saltabrasion and Argon or CO2 lasers have left behind scars in place of the tattoo.

The advent of Q-Switched lasers has permitted the removal of most tattoo inks with a very low risk of scarring. The MedLite Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser is the laser of choice in this class of laser. The MedLite can significantly lighten or remove a wide variety of tattoo inks.

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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ’s

The cost of tattoo removal at Glenoaks Laser Center is $50 per square inch per visit but pre-pay for 5 treatments, and get one treatment free.

Below are examples of tattoos and the cost to completely remove them.

Location: Finger
Square Inches: 1
Estimated # of
Treatments: 5
Cost Per Treatment: $50


Location: Abdomen
Square Inches: 2
Estimated # of
Treatments: 6
Cost Per Treatment: $100


Location: Abdomen
Square Inches: 3
Estimated # of
Treatments: 9
Cost Per Treatment: $150


Location: Wrist
Square Inches: 4
Estimated # of
Treatments: 11
Cost Per Treatment: $200