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LATISSE® is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker.

Phentermine – Appetite Suppressant for Weight Loss

Phentermine is a medication that is a stimulant class appetite suppressant.

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Vitamin B-12 Injections

If you are experiencing the common symptoms of low levels of vitamin B12, or simply want to boost up your energy levels, reduce stress, speed up your metabolism, have a better sleep and a healthier skin, among other great benefits…with just one shot a week you will experience the difference!

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Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen SPF 45

This sunscreen combines broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and a unique antioxidant blend to neutralize free-radical skin damage.

Oil Free Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30

This sheer oil-free, noncomedogenic sunscreen works well for all skin types including acne prone patients.

Antioxidant Green Tea Foaming Cleanser

Ideal for all skin types, this foaming cleanser is soap-free and contains a special antioxidant formula of green tea, citrus extracts, and cucumber.

Green Tea Exfoliating Self-Heating Scrub

This scrub, fortified with green and white tea, delivers a soothing wave of heat to open pores and exfoliate the skin.

Intensive Eye Lightening Serum

Our specially formulated eye serum contains a comprehensive system of peptides, chelators, antioxidants and moisturizers to assist with the reduction in the appearance of under-eye dark circles and puffiness and improve skin texture.


Clinically-proven skin health products and systems primarily for the dermatology, plastic surgery and related aesthetic markets.

Clay Mint Mask

This mask provides an effective way to clean and tighten pores while absorbing excess oils and helping to dry up blackheads.

Green Tea Cream

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Aging, Great for post procedure, calms and cools the skin. This formula has been specially designed to deliver a therapeutic dose of green tea to the skin to help reduce the visible signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles and pore size) as well as calm and cool the skin and reduce redness. Our treatment has been fortified with caffeine to enhance the antioxidant properties of the green tea.

Aloe Cort Cream
(1% Hydrocortisone)

Cosmetically elegant formula that contains aloe vera in conjunction with 1% hydrocortisone. Perfect for Post laser and Microdermabrassion procedures.

Antioxidant Eye Cream

This hydrating formula contains cucumber and chamomile to soothe the skin, while minerals camouflage fine lines.

Creamy Green Tea Cleanser

Creamy cleanser for sensitive skin. Perfect for post procedure. Its s moisturizing soap-free cleanser enhanced with green and white tea.

10% Vitamin C Serum with TGF-B-1 Growth Factor

This amazing formulation combines the powerful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C with the specially selected human growth factor – TGF-beta-1 to enhance collagen production.