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Say Good-bye to that Old Tattoo with MedLite Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment!

Decorative tattoos are an ancient art form with origins that trace back as far as the Stone Age (12,000 BCE). They have become increasingly popular across cultures and continents, and have established a statement on the American mainstream culture.

Moreover, studies estimate that more than 10 million Americans have at least one tattoo.

Due to this “tattoo-mania” some researchers have focused their attention on how satisfied these individuals are with their tattoos over time.

Consequently, recent studies have shown that 50% of those who get tattoos later regret them and seek a tattoo removal treatment. Glenoaks Laser Center, our professional med spa in Glendale, has developed the best techniques for tattoo removal without much scarring.

MedLite laser treatment for tattoo removal

Our state-of-the art MedLite laser is your best choice for tattoo removal. The advent of Q-Switched lasers has permitted the removal of most tattoo inks with a very low risk of scarring or damage to the skin.

How does the MedLite laser work?

The MedLite laser can significantly lighten or remove a wide variety of tattoo inks. It uses specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin where the tattoo is located and is then absorbed by the ink. The instant absorption of the light enables the ink to break down into tiny fragments that are naturally removed by the body’s scavenging cells. The MedLite tattoo removal laser rapidly removes any type of tattoos leaving your skin unharmed.

How many treatments are needed to completely remove a tattoo?

On average, professional tattoos require 6-8 treatments to accomplish greater than 95% fading. However, the amount of treatments needed depend on the type of tattoo, the color and kind of ink used, the size and the depth of the ink level. Moreover, particular characteristics of the patient, such as age, health and the body’s ability to heal, will determine the amount of laser sessions needed. ,

Is the treatment painful or uncomfortable?

The pulse of light emitted by the MedLite laser may feel like a snap of tiny rubber bands on the skin. Anesthesia is normally not required, but anesthetic ointments are available if needed. Most importantly, our caring staff at Glenoaks Laser Center in Glendale will make your tattoo removal treatment feel safe and painless.

What precautions should be taken after treatment?

After the laser treatment, a special antibiotic is placed on the treated area and the skin should be left dry for a few days. The skin may appear swelled and red for some time; therefore, you should avoid sun exposure until the skin has completely healed.

Are there other treatment options besides laser?

There are other tattoo removal methods but most of them do not offer as much fading as laser therapy does. Techniques such as saltabration, excisions, camouflage or dermabrasion are risky, painful and damage the skin by leaving noticeable scars. This is why the use of laser therapy has become the sole alternative for tattoo removal.

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If you have feelings of regret or embarrassment due to a tattoo you decided to impulsively get in the past, our tattoo removal center in Glendale has the best techniques to safely remove it without harming your skin.